1. Open Shelf Collection

  • The books of this collection consist of various subjects and areas. It can be borrowed according to the type of book.
2. MTIB Collection
  • Collection specificlly publish by MTIB such as Export and Import of Timber
3. Audio visual Collection
  • Materials offered in a variety of formats, such as CD-ROM, DVD, cassette, kit, diskette, and so on. 
4. Serials Collection (Current)
  • Consists of current and latest journal, magazine, bulletin, and news papers.
5. Serials Collection (Bound)
  • This collection is basically derived from Serial Collection (Current). When all volumes of particular periodicals were completed, they will be bound and shelf at Serial Collection (Bound)
6. Government Collection
  • Collection that publish by goverment agency such as annual report, policy, statistic and so on.
7. Online database